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I only swim free♥



My tfgs shirt came, just in time for Water Day!  \(^_^)/


no one is

out-stagram Asked:
Ok so you're a restaraunt... but r u single...?

My answer:


in an open relationship with tumblr


background from:

"Oh! These are the stag beetles that Momo-kun is raising right now. Love-jirou and Rinrinmaru!"

Nitori to Rin, Free! ES vol. 1 DVD special drama track (via fencer-x)

"At this time…we still didn’t know anything. What happened to us at that training camp, what happened that night—the night we stopped being able to be children anymore… That’s right; it all happened that final summer we were able to spend our summers innocently."

Makoto, sounding DRAMATIC AS FUCK about the Samezuka-Iwatobi Joint Training Camp, Free! ES vol. 1 DVD special drama track (via fencer-x)

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This is the first “episode” of the drama tracks included with each DVD. It’s all original canon and will total about ~75 min likely by the time all is said and done (assuming they’re all about the same 10 min). It appears to take place before Prefecturals, around Haru’s birthday (the same time when Iwatobi and Samezuka had their training camps in S1), so keep that in mind when listening!

I would’ve uploaded as an audio track, but it’s over the size limit, so have a download. Anyone who wants to translate it is free to use this; I would, but I’m strapped for time enough as-is, so someone else is going to have to XD

I’m looking forward to the full thing! Enjoy part 1!





I have never seen something that more accurately describes how I’m feeling right now





I didn’t even notice this the first time around, but Osiris looks really weird standing on his tiny little back legs like that.

ew what lmfao that’s so WEIRD

I didn’t even know HE HAD BACK LEGS???


I was trying to remember what this reminded me of and then


Our sky


Exclusive screenshots from episode 12! Look at how happy Haru looks to be in Australia!

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sensei just can’t catch a break


because nitori deserves some love too -Sarah

Anonymous Asked:
you had one non-american/white, non-stick thin character and you get a white,blonde stick thin actress to play her

My answer:


1. I have never written a central female character who was described as thin other than Lindsey Lee Wells. Also, Margo and Q are two of the only white-identified people I’ve written, so I don’t really know how to respond to that part of your statement.

2. I do not cast the movie adaptations of my books. I am a novelist, not a casting director. I did not choose who would play Margo anymore than I choose where the movie will be filmed or what the budget or soundtrack will be.

3. That said, I think Cara will do a wonderful job as Margo. As I’ve learned in the past few hours, a lot of people who don’t know Cara have extremely strong opinions about her as a person, which is weird, because they don’t know her. They have a lot of opinions about her body, too, especially its supposed inadequacies. Cara is living, on a much larger stage, the Margo Roth Spiegelman experience: She receives massive amounts of attention but she’s more a mirror than a window. The way people respond to her seems to be a reflection of one’s own experience and worldview more than it has anything to do with the actual person Cara is. I think this is part of why Cara’s audition was so powerful: Her understanding of Margo is deep and profound and about a lot more than the shape of her body.

The name's Emily, and I am currently married to Ichigo Fricken Kurosaki. ♥

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